All major ticket sales must sell 3year Automobile sales

All major ticket sales must sell 3year Automobile sales

Roger was a partreceiver at the local Ford dealer. Four weeks ago he made the switch from selling cars to selling the whole car. Roger was a top dealer but as a car dealer things came to a rough start.

One day in the lunch room Roger spoke to Eric. Eric had about two years experience in selling cars and did a very good job.

When Roger ate his chips he said Eric I do not understand. I sold parts faster than I can eat these chips but now I sell cars which are just a lot of parts already mounted. I only sell two cars on four weeks. Whats wrong with me?

Eric was silent for several moments when he asked Roger: What would you say was the average price of the cars you sold?

Roger thought about it and said Well if you exclude temporary big things like an engine or transfer so much of what we sold was sharing around $ 100 each or less.

Im not an expert on sales training but I think some of the problem may be in the price of the item you sell. It seems you probably need some extra sales tools to sell a car of $ 25000 than you needed for to sell a $ 100 car part. Eric continued: Ive noticed the lesser cost of a product like a car or soap the less concerned people are making a mistake. My guess is that you were not worried about your decision to buy those chips.

Roger nodded in agreement.

With big ticket sales people are more concerned about their purchase decisions because there is a lot more money involved and a single mistake can be very expensive. Ive found out if youre going to sell a big ticket item like a car youd better sell your 3 Ys first said Eric.

What are the 3 Y Roger asked with great interest.

Car sales training or any big ticket sales 3 Y you must sell first

SelfWhen the average customer makes a purchase of $ 25000 they feel more comfortable when they have a trusted advisor to help them. You must sell yourself as the trusted trusted adviser. You do it in a number of ways including your report building skills your dress and grooming your product knowledge and your needs and want evaluation skills. When they trust you your chances of making sales increase significantly.

Your Product Buying a car is the second largest purchase that the average customer makes if they are homeowners. They must be convinced that they get this right. With the right product knowledge and competitors comparison skills you can help them gain the trust they want.

Your company When people buy a big ticket item like a car they realize that they may ever have a mechanical problem in the future. They must rely on the company they buy it from resources and the desire to help them solve any future problems. Selling your business is an important part of the entire package ticket package.

When your customer is comfortable with you when they are confident in your product and when they trust your business they are much more likely to say yes when you offer them the opportunity to make the purchase.

Your sales activity action activity:

Sharpen on selling your three Ys. This will help your customers feel good about their big ticket purchases. And this allows you to sell more large ticket items.

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